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Matick Chevy joins several other Metro Detroit Chevrolet Dealers for the second annual Pickups for Paws donation drive.

We’re expanding our donation drive this year to support two animal charities. In addition to our support of Detroit Animal Care and Control, we also will financially support the Popeye Animal Cancer Foundation of Michigan (a non-profit 501c3).

Last year, Matick Chevy donated more than any other Chevy dealership in supporting Detroit Animal Care and Control, which is the main rescue group behind finding homes for stray dogs taken in by Detroit Animal Control.

In the past, most of the dogs or strays found by Detroit Animal Control would be euthanized. Today, Detroit Animal Care and Control takes on a huge role in finding new homes for these animals and saving countless lives.

Our Pickups for Paws drive will help Detroit Animal Care and Control with donations of supplies and food, plus these additional special items:

Slip leads and leases
Collars (M, L, XL)
Scrub Daddies
Wire crates (size 42 inches or larger)
Airline kennels (any size)
Large Nylabone DuraChew Bones
Small NylabonesTie-Outs
Black Kongs
Jolly Balls
Busy Bones
Bully Sticks
Dog Food (wet and dry)
Dog shampoo
Non-tipping food and water bowls
Laundry detergent
Durable toys
Flea and tick preventatives
Heartworm medication
Last year, Team Matick member Ryan Esler lost his best pal and companion, Sophie, to malignant melanoma. Sophie was just a 16-month-old Golden Retriever when she was diagnosed with the disease.

He was told she had a month or two to live and there was no cure, with a best-case scenario offering only another year or so with her by his side. After trying localized radiation therapy and a controversial, yet hopeful, vaccine that had been developed, nothing helped. The cancer was too aggressive and took her a mere seven weeks after she was diagnosed.

An estimated six million dogs and nearly six million cats will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone. While Esler was fortunate to have the financial means to try everything he could to save her life, many people are not able to do so.

Cancer treatments for animals, like humans, are expensive. He was so thankful that he never had to make a decision about her life as a result of finances versus her quality of life, however many people do have to make that call.

The Popeye Animal Cancer Foundation is Michigan’s leading charity designed to support families that need financial assistance for cancer treatments for their pets. Each case is personally reviewed by one of the top veterinary oncologists in the state, assuring that both the need is great and the potential return is greater.

During our Pickups for Paws drive, Matick Chevy will collect financial donations for the Popeye Animal Cancer Foundation. For every dollar donated by a customer or Matick team member, Matick Chevrolet will match the donation.

So if someone donates $20, that donation turns into $40. Donate $50 and the donation turns into $100 to help families in need give their animal a chance at survival. Every dollar helps.

Please help us help the many animals in Detroit and Michigan in need. Pickups for Paws runs through June 30.

Cash donations or checks made out to Popeye Animal Cancer Foundation can be dropped off at the Matick Chevy main showroom located at Telegraph Road and I-96 in Redford Township. To show our appreciation, we’ll present a gift card to everyone who makes a financial donation.

Checks also can be mailed to:
Matick Chevrolet
Pickups for Paws
14001 Telegraph Road
Redford Township, MI 48239

If you have any questions about the Matick Chevy Pickups for Paws donation drive, please call Ryan Esler at 313-532-2570.

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